Cody and Krystal Packard

Cody and Krystal Packard

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Aquarium!

Sunday we went with Travis, Nicole, and Rachel to the Arizona Mills Aquarium. It was so fun going and having Zayden and Olliver love all the fishes and the bright colors. Zayden was so in love, he just stared at everything. I can't wait to take him again when he is a little older and knows whats going on.

The gang

Ollie pop!
Love'n it!

So pretty!!
Ollie and Zay just loving it and cooing at the fishies


Saturday we went to our friend Travis's son, Ollivers birthday party, he was turning ONE! They rented a blowup gym for the kids, which everyone loved!

(The pictures were posted backwards..oops)
Too much fun for zay, he passed out after all the excitement
The birthday boy in his car
Our little family
Zayden loved the cotton candy, but not as much as Cody did!

The boys playing
Birthday boy!

About to blow his candle out

Love you guys, we had fun, and Happy Birthday Ollie!

5 month check up!

Last Wednesday I took Zayden to his 5 month check up. Everything is great, height 26 1/2 weight 17.4. The doctor said that he was develpoing fast for 5 months old, he is already crawling when most 5 month olds are barely learning to roll over. He is so smart, we love him so much!

A picture of him destroying the paper on the table while waiting for the nurse.


Lately Cody has really been getting into his computer, Chad our bro in law helped him get hooked. Cody HAD to buy a new computer "the best of the best" he calls it the "Beast". He bought all the parts separately and then had help putting it all together. To me, a computer is a computer, but what ever, it makes him happy so it makes me happy. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Since we had Zayden, our dogs haven't had much attention. We used to play with them everyday, take them on walks, we treated them like they were our kids. Now.. not so much, we just never have the time! But Matix was cold so I saw this at the store, and HAD to.. teehee ;)

On Black Friday we unexpectedly ended up coming home with a PS3 for Cody. He bascially hasn't put the controller down since he got it...

On Wednesday I had Jess take some family Christmas pictures of us behind Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert. All the family pic's are on Jess's camera, but I snapped a few of little Zay in his outfit. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little update..

We are so busy now with work, school, and baby!

I just recently returned from maternity leave back to work, it was really hard. My bestfriend Brittnee is watching him while we are at work. I know he is in good hands with her, she has her own little one named Lilly, she is such a good mommy! I still am full time at Wally World still a ZMS at Stapley...(for now) Cody on the other hand is back doing Home Restoration, the other job didn't work out. Both of us look forward to coming home everyday to our little family, makes us really appreciate what we have, it's so special. Zayden is doing really well, he is now almost 7 weeks old! Geez, time flys! I'll have to post some pic's of him..

Zayden Liam Packard

Yup. Guilty. I have yet again procrastinated, and have not kept up with my blog. Oops!

Well, so much has happened, I don't even know where to begin! First off, well...let me show you..

Zayden Liam Packard. Born September 3, 2011 at 10:01am 7.13 pounds. If you noticed, we changed his middle name last second. We were going to give him Sage as a middle name, but decided to go with Liam. Literally 3 days before little man was born.