Cody and Krystal Packard

Cody and Krystal Packard

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little update..

We are so busy now with work, school, and baby!

I just recently returned from maternity leave back to work, it was really hard. My bestfriend Brittnee is watching him while we are at work. I know he is in good hands with her, she has her own little one named Lilly, she is such a good mommy! I still am full time at Wally World still a ZMS at Stapley...(for now) Cody on the other hand is back doing Home Restoration, the other job didn't work out. Both of us look forward to coming home everyday to our little family, makes us really appreciate what we have, it's so special. Zayden is doing really well, he is now almost 7 weeks old! Geez, time flys! I'll have to post some pic's of him..

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