Cody and Krystal Packard

Cody and Krystal Packard

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change is a good thing..

So today Cody went for his physical and drug test for his new company Apria Health Care. He will be in charge of cleaning and maintaining the shop filled with all of the medical equipment that Apria ships out to their clients. Cody is THRILLED! He didn't really like working in the Tire and Lube shop at Walmart, but at the time due to the recession, didn't really have a choice. (Before he used to work for Brock, doing Home Restoration) So Cody starts at his new job in a couple of weeks.

Since Cody has been looking around at other jobs, I couldn't help but ponder and look around aswell.. I currently work at Walmart, I am a ZMS (Zone Merchandise Supervisor) over Homelines at the Stapley store. Basically in laments terms I am the Manager over the Department Managers, only not Salary. Which Salary was my ultimate goal since I started working for Walmart, they make very good money. But ever since I became pregnant it's been really hard to keep my head in the game. I have been juggling ideas and options for when Zayden is born, because I really do not want to have a full time job, non the less, a STRESSFUL job with a baby. So I have been seriously considering a trade school, getting a certificate for Dental Assistant. The schedule is alot more family friendly, and I'd be getting paid near around the same thing as I am paid now.

Cody and I have decided that when we moved out about 4 months ago into our new apartment, it was a bad idea, and wasn't really thought out too well. So we are moving back in with Cody's family, that way it's easier for Cody and I to focus more on school, saving money, and of course little Zayden. I loved living with his family, I didn't really have a close family growing up, so I love it up, and inhale the love we are surrounded by. Plus I am sure that his mom and family will absolutely love having the newest addition to the family right at their fingertips! Which we really could use the help between work and school.

So we are looking to start moving everything within the next couple of weeks. We would like to be all settled in before Cody starts his school finals, and starts his new job. :D

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  1. Congrats to Cody on the new job!!! and I am sure Jenny will LOVE having you guys live there, ESPECIALLY with a new baby :) and it will make it much easier. We had to live with my in-laws and my parents for a little while before we could get a place of our own and all settled down. Let us know if you need anything!