Cody and Krystal Packard

Cody and Krystal Packard

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday, Sarah and I took all the puppies on a walk, and on our way we stopped at the pretty pond full of ducks. Beau ( the boxer) was obsessed with the water, if he had it his way he'd jump in the pond and swim around and chase all the ducks. Sarah and I relaxed under the trees while the pups ran around and played. We wanted to have a picnic, but we thought of the idea a little too late in the day. We had plans later that day to meet with Jessica and Chadat his place to play Lemon Baseball. I'll post pictures soon of that..

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  1. I love getting to spend chill time w/you sis! And the dogs always have a blast playing with one another too. That was such a beautiful day! We must get together again soon.